President Shimon Peres
President Shimon Peres Israel news photo: Flash 90

The reality of Israel after 64 years of independence is “much more than the vision we once dreamed," President Shimon Peres told the Diaspora in a special message Wednesday..

Yom Ha’atzmaut is not only a day of celebration but also one to reflect and realize the reality we have built is much more than the vision we once dreamed,” he said.

The President told Jews outside the Land of Israel that the “unyielding spirit which defines the Jewish people” drove Israel’s achievements since its reestablishment as a state in 1948.

“We returned to our homeland, rich in history, yet scarce in land, meager in natural resources. We had not choice but to invest in our greatest asset – our people. And we did, together with you….

“We have built an  extraordinary country, due to our extraordinary people. Today, we can proudly look upon our thriving economy, innovation serves as Israel’s heartbeat and creativity runs through our veins.

Yom HaAtzmaut begins Wednesday evening with the conclusions of ceremonies in observance of Memorial Day for Fall Soldiers and terror victims.

The President noted that Yom Ha’atzmaut also is “a  time to remember those who defended and served our country, many of whom sacrifice their lives for our young state.”

He praised what he said is the ”young generation’s commitment to our state, [which] is essential as our shared tomorrow will be defined by innovation. As  partners of our nation, your ability to secure a future defined by scientific development and discoveries is vital to our shared mission.

“Our mutual unwavering commitment to each other is crucial. 

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