President Peres greets IDF soldiers on Yom Ha
President Peres greets IDF soldiers on Yom Ha Hezki Ezra

Jews around the world can share for the first time ever Independence Day ceremonies and awards to IDF soldiers – with English subtitles.

The Jewish Agency and the office of President Shimon Peres have provided a new emotional video of ceremonies at the President’s House on the morning of Yom Ha’atzmaut, when it was 3 a.m. in the United States’ Eastern Time zone.

The ceremonies opened with little children singing “Hallelujah,” with President Peres, IDF Chief of Benny Gantz and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu chiming.

After a rendition of “May He Who makes peace above also make peace upon us and all of Israel,” Defense Minister Ehud Barak was invited to join the leaders.

Before the presentations to 120 outstanding soldiers, Gantz told them, “You are allowed to smile.”

President Peres concluded his speech by saying before the presenting the awards to the soldiers, “Long live the State of Israel; Long live the IDF. Happy Independence Day to the entire Jewish nation."

Among those honored with the certificates was Air Force officer Chaya Sachivaschorder, whose three brothers and parents were killed in the Sbarro suicide bombing attack in 2001, when she was just eight years old.

IDF soldier Anastasia Begdalov, who helped treat and evacuate victims of the terrorist attack near Eilat in August, also received a certificate. In addition, several soldiers who were involved in the IDF action on the Mavi Marmara flotilla attempt to infiltrate Israeli maritime borders in 2010 received certificates as well.

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