Neo-Nazi suspects (illustrative)
Neo-Nazi suspects (illustrative) Flash 90 / archive

A neo-Nazi terrorist group calling itself the ‘Werewolf Squad’ was hunted down by German police in three European nations this week as investigators tracked down evidence of plans to carry out bombings.

The sting operation by police and anti-terrorism units swept through 11 homes, offices and prison cells in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. They confiscated computers and other data storage devices in their raids, but no arrests were made.

German prosecutors said the joint operation was the culmination of a secret investigation launched months ago, according to Der Spiegel.

Six neo-Nazis are suspected of plotting to overthrow the German government through a series of bomb attacks in a plan code-named “Werewolf,” investigators said.

“It is suspected the group intended to carry out violent terrorist acts for this purpose,” the prosecutor’s office said in its statement.

Two Swiss right-wing extremists are suspected of leading the group. Police named them only as Robert S., 54, and Sebastien N., 25.

The latter, a prisoner in Switzerland, is tattooed with Nazi symbols over much of his body, prosecutors said.

The group models itself on the “Werewolf” commandos that were to be sent by the Nazis behind enemy lines towards the end of World War II.

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