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One unfortunate mother was forced to give birth to her baby boy on a highway in Kentucky on Thursday, and there is one man to blame for the emergency delivery: US President Barack Obama.

The mother was stuck on the highway on Interstate 65 North at Fern Valley Road in a massive traffic jam, which was caused by the highway being closed for Obama's visit to Louisville, according to the local news site WLKY.

The highway had been effectively turned into a parking lot, so as to let Obama's motorcade mosey down from the airport to downtown Louisville.

Fortunately for the trapped mother, a nurse was also stuck in the jam and helped her through the harrowing delivery together with emergency crews.

Reportedly a call to emergency dispatch was received at 5:13 p.m., with crews somehow managing the skirt the bogged down traffic and reach the mother by 5:25 p.m.

After the delivery, the mother and baby were brought to a hospital and reportedly are in good condition, despite their rough experience provided by none other than the president.

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