It may not seem like the most likely location, but for director Tzvi Fishman Tel Aviv is the perfect place to showcase his new movie 'Stories of Rebbe Nachman,' which takes the famous tales of the hassidic master to the big screen.

Fishman, a former Hollywood screenwriter who moved to Israel after finding religion, says he dusted off his screenwriting hat after 30 years to produce a different kind of movie - one which would bring Jews closer to their heritage.

"Rabbi Nachman's whole point was to go down 'under the table', and try to find all the lost Jews and bring them back to the table to be true sons of the King," he told Arutz Sheva at Tel Aviv's Cinematheque.

The English-language film is set to be translated into several different languages, and the Tel Aviv screening saw a wide variety of viewers from nearly every sector of Israeli Jewish society.

Fishman says he wants "every Jew" to see it, and in so doing "to bring to fruition what I was taught to do... but in a way that sanctifies the Name of God instead of doing the opposite."

The movie is based on four stories of the Hassidic Master Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, and stars Fishman’s old friend from Hollywood, Daniel Dayan, an actor who first introduced Fishman to Judaism back in the day.

"Sometimes people think religion is something closed, that it's boxed," said Dayan, now a Breslov hassid and teacher, who studies Torah all night in the kollel of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron, northern Israel.

"On the contrary, the way of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov... even one who is not religious can find himself."

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