The Knesset Ethics Committee leveled criticism at Culture Minister Miri Regev for appearing in a promo for a TV show.

MK Tamar Zandberg (Meretz), had recently filed an official complaint with the Ethics Committee regarding the promo in which the Culture Minister enthusiastically promotes a show starring singer Eyal Golan, ahead of the start of the show's new season.

"Eyal Golan is inviting you. What fun, the show is returning! An amazing show, with Israeli music, eastern music, happy, emotional music that combines songs from the past and of course finds those new talents and songs. So go for it. Succeed. Eyal, great job. Great production. Go and do great things," Regev says in the promo that won wide circulation on social media.

MK Zandberg also asked the Ethics Committee to clarify the line between what is permitted and prohibited in terms of MKs participating in commercial ventures in general, and TV shows in particular.

The written decision released by the committee states that "the Ethics Committee is of the opinion that the line was crossed in this case between expressing an opinion or policy prescription, even sharing a private experience, on the one hand, with all these being perfectly legitimate and acceptable activities, and illegitimate Public Relations mongering on the other hand.

Minister Regev said in response: "I regret this decision by the Ethics Committee that didn't accept the position outlined in my letter to them, which reflects the policy lines along which I am proceeding. With all that said, I respect the committee's decision."

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