Jerusalem Light Rail
Jerusalem Light Rail Hallel Meir

Official Hamas newspaper Palestine presented the terrorist who attempted to blow up the Jerusalem Light Rail with shrapnel pipe bombs as a man who acted in a noble and humanitarian manner.

The terrorist was arrested by Light Rail security forces on July 17, when he was suspected him while he was waiting for a train to arrive. When they searched him, they found several shrapnel pipe bombs in his bag.

The paper claims that the terrorist, Ali Abu Al-Hassan, would not commit the act of terror on the Jerusalem train, since he saw Jewish children on board. Al-Hassan's own report to Shabak indicates he was simply waiting for a train to pull in before committing the attack, as he wanted to kill and maim the greatest number of people possible.

In an obvious reversal of the truth, the paper claims the terrorist was raised with values of "the Palestinian struggle," rather than values of murder and death, as "occupation soldiers are raised."

Badran Jaber, a leader of the terror group Popular Fronti, said that "in his actions, Ali Abu Al-Hassan expressed the message...that he chooses the way of the noble humanitarian struggle over the death and domination of others," appealing to western values while ignoring the history of armed terror of Palestinian attackers against unarmed Israeli citizens and defense forces.

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