Likud rally
Likud rally Hezki Baruch

Likud sources stressed tonight (Tuesday) that the party is unfazed by the results of the poll which were published tonight on Channel 2 news.

According to that poll, the Yesh Atid party would receive 24 seats if elections were held today while the Likud would only receive 22 mandates.

According to the Likud sources, "During the last election they forecast 18 mandates for the party and we saw what happened in the end. It is obvious that the poll is a direct result of the crisis over the Shabbat and that crisis is behind us after the Supreme Court decision on the issue was received today."

The sources added that the Shabbat crisis was artificial. "It should be noted that all the left-wing governments made coalitions with the haredim: The first Rabin government, the second Rabin government (including the Oslo Accords), the Barak government and the Olmert government. Even in those governments, there were no changes implemented on issues of religion and state. Even Lapid who is ostensibly mellowing towards the haredim has indicated to them that he does not intend to make any changes on these issues."

"The Likud voters will come back when they realize that Lapid is a left-winger at the head of a left-wing party who will promote concessions and withdrawals which will endanger Israel's security - something that Likud leader Netanyahu will never do," added the sources.

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