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A special poll done in honor of the Israel-Sderot Social Convention in Sderot's Sapir College shows whom Israelis like most - and whom they like least.

The poll, reported by Yediot Ahronot, showed that Israelis love the IDF and Magen David Adom, and don't love the National Insurance Institute, cell phone companies, banks, and political parties.

Secular Jews and new immigrants are the most well-liked, with leftists, Arabs, and foreign workers being the least liked. The poll also showed that Ashkenazi Jews are more well-liked than Sephardic Jews - but only by a minuscule amount, with the sectors scoring 60.7 and 60.3 respectively.

The poll was done by the Rotem Research Institute, which is headed by Dr. Aryeh Rotem, and included 502 Jews above the age of 18. Participants ranked the how much they liked different public bodies, sectors, and professionals, on a scale of 1-5.

Israelis for years have liked the IDF, MDA, and ZAKA, and continue to do so. Among professionals, the most well-liked were doctors, army officers, and teachers, while the least well-liked were politicians and lawyers.

When broken down by sector, among haredi and religious Zionist Jews, political parties, politicians, rabbis, yeshiva students, and young people who weren't serving in the army (that for the haredi sector) all scored well. Secular Jews, on the other hand, liked the state comptroller, the Supreme Court, the courts, media, LGBTQ community, leftists, and Arabs.

Despite the religious groups' opinions, those who did not serve in the IDF still came in at the bottom of the list, with a total score (from all sectors combined) of just 6.7 points.

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