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A successful Israeli filibuster prevented the adoption of an anti-Israel resolution at UNESCO condemning Israel for the alleged mistreatment of Palestinian Authority residents, as well as its attacks in Syria and denying the connection between Jerusalem and the Jewish nation.

Israeli diplomats managed to find clauses in the UNESCO charter which would require individual votes of all 196 countries and since such votes would take hours, the chairman of the assembly deferred the discussion of the anti-Israel proposal to Friday.

Similar resolutions have been passed every year since 2009 with broad support. This time, however, rather than attempt to secure a majority against the proposed resolution, the Israeli delegation instead used procedural delay tactics to effectively filibuster the resolution.

The vote lasted hours before the committee chair ordered a postponement, delaying the vote by one day.

Israel's ambassador to UNESCO, Caramel Shama Hacohen, told Arutz Sheva that "We made it clear that the days in which anti-Israel resolutions passed in five minutes are over. Obsessing over Israel has a price tag - the organization will have to devote hours and days of discussions. Perhaps then they will begin to wonder whether they are worth investing in useless political proposals that have nothing to do with education, culture or science."

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