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The Walla Hebrew-language website published a recording of Prime Minister Netanyahu's wife Sara screaming at a communications adviser over a newspaper article that did not mention that Sara works as a child psychologist.

In the 2009 recording, Sara Netanyahu can be heard losing her temper and shouting: "Why? Why? This wife of the prime minister does public work every day as part of her career! I am doing it as an educated, career-oriented woman! [I'm a] psychologist with a BA and an MA! That’s it!"

The recording was swiftly condemned by the Netanyahu family, who decried their lack of privacy. "We have had enough of secret recordings and the breakdown of the norms of privacy, all in the name of slandering the Netanyahu family," said the Netanyahu family in a statement. "This is a prejudicial and vicious publication of secret recording from nine years ago."

"Sara Netanyahu is devoting a considerable part of her time to caring for the children and their families as an expert psychologist" added the family, remarking that everyone loses their temper sometimes.

Earlier this month, Netanyahu demanded that legislative action be taken to prevent people from being surreptitiously recorded after Channel 2 published a recording of his son Yair drunkenly demanding that his friend lend him money, claiming that a financial windfall his friend's father received was due to Prime Minister Netanyahu's policies regarding the Leviathan gas fields near Haifa.

"This crosses red lines from a security perspective, and no less than that, it also crosses red lines from a media perspective," said the Prime Minister.

Sara Netanyahu has been rumored to be a difficult employer to work for and in November Shira Raben, a haredi former staffer at the Prime Minister's Residence, filed a $64,000 lawsuit against Sara Netanyahu over claims of workplace harassment Holes, however, were found in her claims, with the number of hours she said she had worked in the short time she was employed more than could possibly have been the case.

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