Eichler Flash 90

MK Yisrael Eichler (United Torah Judaism) today referred to the Labor Court ruling against gender-separate courses for haredim that were launched by the Civil Service Commission, calling it "abusive".

"When it comes to haredi human rights, everything turns upside down," Eichler said in an interview with Radio Kol Chai. "Suddenly there are no rights; this entire concept of human rights exists only to legitimize the degenerate culture. One day the haredi stations will also be silenced by one claim or another, such as the absence of women's poetry.

"It's not at all clear whether the enactment of the disengagement clause will hinder the Supreme Court," he said. "Even if we pass the clause on the Supreme Court, it'll find another formula to annul the law. There are enough words in the Hebrew language," he said.

Eichler stung "extremists" in haredi society. "So what do we do in this situation? Many attack each other instead of the government. Yeshiva students formulate their own view, and then violently attack Rabbi Meir Porush with false accusations. The price is that in the meantime the poritz (feudal master), who hates us equally, controls all of us with no distinction.

"The entire concept of needing a university degree to qualify for public office isn't required by law, and I've submitted bills on the subject in the past. Netanyahu told me in the Knesset when he was Finance Minister that he would recognize Torah studies as 'equivalent degrees' - and to this day it hasn't happened. The reason's simple: They don't want to give haredim a livelihood. After all, these aren't the relevant studies for the position in question," Eichler said.

Eichler also addressed the haredi housing shortage and said, "For twenty years they haven't given the haredim housing assistance. They don't want us in any city. Every group can be said to have undesirable people, but the haredim are all painted in black. Unfortunately, instead of uniting and fighting, we're divided," he said.

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