Rabbi Shalom Cohen (L)
Rabbi Shalom Cohen (L) Ya'akov Cohen

Shas party spiritual leader Rabbi Shalom Cohen attacked the Draft Law advanced by the Defense Ministry that includes economic sanctions against haredi yeshivas if the institution does not meet the statutorily imposed recruitment targets.

"We have a serious problem with enlisting yeshiva students; they threaten not to give us budgets. What, do we live according to these gentiles' budgets?" Rabbi Cohen said during a condolence call with Lithuanian leader Rabbi Gershon Edelstein, who is observing the seven-day shiva period after his son's passing.

Rabbi Edelstein replied to Rabbi Cohen that "everything depends on rights and there's no need to worry."

Despite the harsh statements made by the Council of Sages President, it appears that Shas' s Council of Torah Sages will be in line with Degel HaTorah rabbis who are expected to advance the Draft Law proposed by the Defense Ministry.

Yesterday, Degel HaTorah Chairman MK Moshe Gafni visited the residence of the Belzer and Vizhnitzer Rebbes to discuss details of the proposed law and try to establish a uniform haredi position on the law vis-à-vis the Prime Minister.

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