Liberman at faction meeting
Liberman at faction meeting Flash 90

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman addressed the expected passage of the draft law at the start of the Yisrael Beiteinu faction meeting Monday.

"The issue of recruiting yeshiva students has been a subject that has accompanied the State of Israel since 1948. Apparently there is no formula for which we can please everyone, but I also believe in the saying: ['try for too much,] and you end up with nothing.' Therefore we have brought this bill, which was formulated by the defense establishment," Liberman said.

"As I promised a few months ago, I said that we would bring a law according to two criteria: that it is acceptable to the IDF and that it would be approved by the Supreme Court. After I received the outline, I transferred it to the chief of staff. I told him, 'Go through the entire outline with a microscope. Goth through every comma, every period. And I think we got a good law. I really do not understand the criticism from MKs, who of course think that they understand the needs of the defense establishment better than the chief of staff and the head of manpower," he added.

Liberman congratulated Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid on his expected support for the bill. "Of course I respect Yair Lapid's decision to support the law. I said that this is the most responsible law and that it is not a law of Liberman, Lapid, Litzman or Deri. It is a law of the defense establishment in favor of the IDF. I expect that every Knesset member who speaks highly of the importance of the IDF, the support of the IDF and the heads of the defense establishment, will support this bill as well."

"I also have to say that I heard the announcement of the Labor Party and its leader that they would vote against it. I can accept this, since this is the natural position for the Labor party, together with the Joint List and Meretz. That is their natural place. The fact that they vote with them, I think they also do for them the right thing because that is [where they have been] for a long time.

"I am sure that we will pass this bill today in its first reading. I know that passing the bill on second and third reading will be not simple, but we will pass it exactly as it is written, as it says, in its language, and I think it will be a great contribution both to security and to Israeli society," Liberman concluded.

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