Gafni Flash 90

The haredi parties were promised that the Draft Law would be changed, in exchange for their support for the newly-passed Nationality Law, Kan 11 reported Monday evening.

The Nationality Law defines Israel's character as the Jewish People's nation state.

The Draft Law determines recruitment targets for haredim, which grow in number every year, and imposes economic sanctions on yeshivas that do not meet these recruitment targets. Itpassed its first reading earlier this month, but the haredi parties have threatened to leave the coalition if it does not undergo significant changes before it is brought to a vote in its second and third readings.

The Kan 11 report brought a recording of a MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) explaining behind closed doors the agreements between his party and the leading Likud.

"The Nationality Law is a bad law," Gafni said in the recording. "Why did we agree to it? We agreed because [Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu said - this law is important to me, and whatever you demand regarding it, I will do. This is the absolute truth."

"We don't want it, because it provokes the nations, we don't want it because it's a fight with the Arabs."

The report also said that in exchange for the haredi parties' support of the Nationality Law, they will be able to change the Draft Law to fit their demands.

"The report is not true," Likud responded.

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