Israeli policemen scuffle with Waqf security guard
Israeli policemen scuffle with Waqf security guard Reuters

Guardians of the Waqf, the Jordanian body which administers the Temple Mount, have threatened to stop escorting groups of Jews who go up to the mountain, Army Radio reported.

The Waqf guards claim police are using a heavier hand against them than in the past, and they therefore announced they would stop supervising Jewish visitors until the Waqf's administration found a way to restrain the police and the Temple movements.

Now Israeli policemen will be responsible for both protecting the Jews as well as enforcing the strict Muslim Waqf rules against Jewish prayer at the site.

The demand comes against the backdrop of a significant increase in the number of Jews ascending the Temple Mount. In the year 5778, 28,800 Jews ascended the Temple Mount, about 30 percent more than in the previous year.

Police say that contrary to claims, police activity in this context has not changed and has been carried out for many years professionally and without any connection to feelings of Waqf personnel stationed there. The Israel Police says they will continue to maintain public order in accordance with the customary rules.

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