The Festival of Sukkot is known as the holiday of faith. The mitzvah of dwelling in the Sukkah strengthens our faith that G-d is the true source of our well-being in life. The holiday reminds us that it isn’t the safety and comfort of our homes, or our possessions and wealth, which bring us security, but rather Divine Providence, just as the Clouds of Glory protected the Jews in the Wilderness and provided for all of their needs.

Writer and film director, Tzvi Fishman, explains that Rebbe Nachman’s story, “Matter of Trust,” emphasizes this theme. He says that one of the reasons behind the making of his movie, Stories of Rebbe Nachman, was to create an entertaining vehicle which teachers and parents could use to trigger discussion about fundamental Torah beliefs such as faith and serving G-d with joy.

The King in this story insists that with all of his wealth, fame, and power, he has a life free of worries, yet we see that even though he has all of the “good things” in life, he doesn’t have the greatest treasure of all – happiness. Through the events of the story, Rebbe Nachman shows us that material security and honor are not the source of happiness. Sensing that something is missing in his life, the King searches for the key to fill up his inner unrest. Through his encounters with the simple Fixer, he discovers that the secret of happiness, and true fulfillment in life, comes with Emunah (faith) and Bitachon (trust) in Hashem.

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