Anti-draft protest
Anti-draft protest Flash 90

In the framework of the inter-party dialogue regarding the final Draft Law verbiage, the haredi parties demand a clause be added to allow an alternative law to be enacted in case the law is repealed.

The Draft Law that is being formulated states that if the haredim do not meet the recruitment goals for three consecutive years, the law will be automatically revoked after one year.

The haredi parties demand that during the transition year they be able to pass a new recruitment law in Knesset to replace the draft mobilization law.

The political establishment estimates this is not a demand that will receive insurmountable opposition from the coalition partners.

Last weekend, Prime Minister Netanyahu made it clear in closed meetings he was not interested in advancing the elections, but emphasized the Draft Law should be passed with full coalition agreement as soon as possible.

Protesting Draft Law, Jerusalem
Flash 90
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