Tevye in the Promised Land
Tevye in the Promised Land Tzvi Fishman

Israel National News is pleased to announce that the website will be hosting a serialization of Tzvi Fishman’s popular novel Tevye in the Promised Land, the first volume of a proposed five-book pentalogy.

Two sequels, Arise and Shine! and The Lion’s Roar have been published this month with highly favorable reviews posted on Arutz Sheva.

The ambitious series of historical fiction brings Sholom Aleichem’s Tevye the Milkman, made famous in the play and movie Fiddler on the Roof, to the Holy Land to become a pioneer builder and freedom fighter in redeeming the Promised Land from the Turks and then the British. With his daughters, sons, and grandchildren at his side, Tevye finds himself a leading figure in the drama-packed Zionist struggle, alongside the larger-than-life personalities who inspired the Jewish Nation to rise up from exile and reclaim their eternal Homeland - figures like Rabbi Kook, Yosef Trumpeldor, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, David Ben Gurion, Avraham Stern, Menachem Begin, and many more.

In a review of the book, Yisrael Medad wrote: “What my children learned about the Second Aliyah for their high-school Bagrut examination (and forgot the next week), Tevye in the Promised Land succeeded to ingrain these heroic pages of Jewish History in their hearts. Moreover, the book succeeds in correcting the leftist propaganda that strove to rewrite modern Zionist history with the fiction that they, and they alone, built the reborn Jewish State.

"In a time when the whole world seems to be against Israel, and when Zionism has become a dirty word to those in Israel who once proudly raised its flag, entering the world of Tevye in the Promised Land and its recently published sequels is an injection of faith and inspiration. In addition, for old-fashion book lovers like me, setting off on a journey into a well-written, historical novel is one of the great pleasures of life. Happy reading!”

The serialization will appear on Tzvi Fishman’s Arutz Sheva blog in weekly installments.

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