Hamas, Islamic Jihad terrorists
Hamas, Islamic Jihad terrorists Flash 90

Head of the National Security Council, Meir Ben Shabbat, will present the details of the ceasefire with Hamas in Gaza to the Cabinet on Sunday, Channel 12 News reported on Saturday night.

The report said that the agreement focuses on improving the living conditions of Gaza residents, including increasing the number of workers from Gaza into Israel, further expansion of the allowed fishing zone off the Gaza coast, promoting the construction of a natural gas pipeline project and increasing medical aid and equipment to hospitals.

The report added that the Shabak (Israel Security Agency) opposes the entry of workers from Gaza into Israel as proposed by the plan.

In return for these concessions, Hamas has committed itself to prevent rocket fire from Gaza into Israel and to gradually reduce the weekly March of Return protests by the Israeli-Gaza border and ultimately end them altogether.

The report added that Israeli military experts are skeptical that Hamas can completely control the rocket fire and protests.

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