Scene of attack in Monsey
Scene of attack in Monsey Aron Spielman

In this packed program, Walter talks about his resolution for 2020 and the details of the Likud primaries.

We ask: Why does Prime Minister Netanyahu not keep his promises? And should he be granted immunity from prosecution?

How: New York's Major Bill de Blasio contributed to his city's anti-Semitic attacks by supporting the N.Y. State revised Criminal Justice bill.

And: The age of the world's corrupt politicians, and why Trump is at the top of the list in Germany.

Hear: Why Walter believes that we are living in times similar to those of the 1930s in Germany.

In this age of gender equality, should we have more women Rabbis and also play music at prayer services as per psalms 150 and 33?

Also: More from the hypocrisy of the effort to impeach President Trump.

Plus: An interview with the multifaceted singer, actor, social activist, the late Theodor Bikel z"l.

The: Annual Congress of the World Union of Jewish Students.

And more.

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