Warning by Regavim
Warning by Regavim Regavim

Activists from the Regavim organization last night hung signs at 33 different points across Judea and Samaria warning of imminent passage into the borders of the “State of Palestine”. The points are in accordance with the proposed borders of the “State of Palestine” indicated on the “Deal of the Century” map publicized in recent weeks.

The red signs read: “Stop! You are entering State of Palestine" according to the "Trump Peace Plan."

The Regavim organization warns that "In recent days, residents of the Gaza Envelope have experienced the price of establishing a Palestinian terrorist entity. According to maps of the Deal of the Century, this model will be copied in the heart of the state and the Gaza Envelope will be duplicated with the Ramallah Envelope, Jenin Envelope, Shechem Envelope and Qalqilya Envelope. In addition, Route 60, the central route in Judea and Samaria that links communities to Jerusalem, will be transferred almost entirely to the Palestinians.”

“This map is a catastrophe and we must not accept it. "

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