Firebombs on the road
Firebombs on the road Israel Police spokesperson

Masked Jewish youths threw three firebombs towards a Border Police vehicle near the community of Yitzhar in Samaria on Thursday evening.

One of the firebombs hit the protected vehicle, but there were no injuries among our forces. The vehicle sustained minor damage.

Border Police and IDF forces are searching for the perpetrators.

The Border Police said that "this is a very serious terrorist incident and an increase in the level of violence directed at the fighters who are working to enforce the law and maintain the security of the residents of the Yitzhar area.”

"The violence on the part of rioters has recently intensified alongside attempts to continue illegal construction at the Kumi Ori outpost. This serious incident will not deter [the officers] from enforcing the law and maintaining order.”

On Wednesday morning, dozens of right-wing activists gathered at the Kumi Ori outpost near Yitzhar in Samaria, in violation of a closed military area order, and attempted to renovate the synagogue at the outpost. Police said the activists threw rocks, burned tires, attacked police and blocked roads.

Five suspects were arrested for violating a closed military zone order and assaulting police officers who were operating at the scene. The fighters dispersed the crowd and restored order.

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