Author and filmmaker Tzvi Fishman has just released a coronavirus-themed video clip featuring the Avraham Fried song, Don't Hide from Me.

Fishman told Arutz Sheva: "Most of the headlines these days focus on the coronavirus pandemic, and how many people have taken ill, and how badly the economy has been damaged, and how herculean efforts are underway to get life back to normal.

"Almost no one, except some bold rabbis, are talking about the obvious fact that Hashem doesn't want the world to return to where it was, stuck in the darkness of heresy, forgetting that Hashem is still the King of the World, and the Master of Heaven and Earth. I wanted to express the feeling that Hashem is hiding behind the mask of coronavirus, waiting for mankind to pay attention to Him.

"Avraham Fried graciously allowed me to use his poignant song, and my son, Yehuda, did the rest of the work. I hope it inspires viewers to understand that coronavirus isn't a freak mutation of nature, or a diabolical plot out of China, but an act of Hashem calling us to wake up to our fragility and human helplessness, and to embark on a new beginning, establishing our lives in line with the will of G-d and His Torah."

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