PM Netanyahu and MK Gantz
PM Netanyahu and MK Gantz Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The Blue and White party is demanding that a new version of the Norwegian Law be brought to a vote on Monday, while the Likud insists that there are more urgent laws to pass, including the laws regarding coronavirus restrictions.

According to reports, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is trying to force Blue and White to amend Basic Law: The Government in a way that he believes will reduce the Supreme Court's ability to interfere in the legislative process.

The Likud party is therefore demanding that Blue and White support the changes to the Basic Law in exchange for the changes to the Norwegian Law, while Blue and White is demanding that the Likud adhere to the coalition agreement.

On Sunday night, News 12 quoted Natan Eshel, who is considered to be close to Netanyahu and who recommended not changing the Norwegian Law for the time being, due to the statements of various Blue and White ministers against the Prime Minister.

"When the fourth-largest party thinks it runs the country, when Blue and White which received everything and didn't give anything wants to pass a Norwegian Law different than the law which was agreed on in the coalition agreements, I would let them sweat before I would give them any gifts that come with no guarantees, and reject, at this point, the possibility of passing it," Eshel was quoted as saying.

The Norwegian Law allows ministers to step down as MKs, in order to allow others from their party to take their places in the Knesset.

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