Pro-Trump rally on Metarim Bridge, Jerusalem
Pro-Trump rally on Metarim Bridge, Jerusalem Israel Publications and Yotzer Ohr Photography

Members of the Republican Party in Israel today called for a series of demonstrations for Israeli citizens holding American citizenship who have the right to vote to support President Donald Trump for a second term.

Due to COVID-19, instead of gathering in one place, the organizers decided to disperse across many intersections, in key places, such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, to strengthen ties with voters throughout the country.

Such a demonstration was held at the Metarim Bridge in Jerusalem. One of the leaders in the move is the chairman of the Republican Party in Israel - Adv. Mark Zell. "We must thank President Trump for a list of things he has done for us such as recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, closing the consulate general that serves as a PLO embassy, stopping payments to the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA for Palestinian terrorists who harmed Jews, support for sovereignty in the Golan Heights. The great change in Judea and Samaria policy, the elimination of the shameful agreement between the United States and Iran and, of course, the drafting of peace agreements with the United States, Bahrain and Sudan, and the agreements on Saudi Arabia. All this in less than four years, everything Trump did was a dream."

The demonstration was organized by the CEO of "Israel Publications" and "Keren Aviya", businessman Yisrael Goldberg. "We, the citizens of Israel, would like to thank U.S. President Donald Trump for 4 wonderful years of support, encouragement, and strengthening, and wish him another 4 years of a successful presidency, for the Middle East, for the United States and for Israel. We have received immense sympathy from the public in Jerusalem of all streams and ages. The extensive campaign we are participating in has led to many of the American voters living in Israel going to the polls. We hope for the success of the people of Israel in the upcoming presidential election in America."

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