Larry Elders of the Epoch Times makes a cognizant argument on why he is against being labeled "African-American."

When Elders was on the election trail campaigning for President Trump, he says he met a Republican congressman who referred to him as an "African-American." Elders tried to educate the GOP representative on why this term is insulting to him as someone whose ancestors have likely been in the country longer than most, but says the man is not likely to change his ways since "we've been brainwashed by the media."

"The term 'African-American' is demeaning, divisive, and pretty stupid. After all, the constitution banned the importation of new slaves in 1808," says Elders, and asks, "Why is the term hyphenated, but not for many White Americans who arrived after imported Black slaves?"

(Standup by Smokey Robinson on why he prefers being called "Black" instead of "African-American included).

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