Prof. Nachman Ash
Prof. Nachman Ash David Cohen/Flash90

Coronavirus czar Professor Nachman Ash on Monday responded to the cancellation of the weekly government meeting, during which a budget for the purchase of additional coronavirus vaccines was expected to be passed.

The meeting was canceled by Defense Minister Benny Gantz (Blue and White), after the Likud opposed the appointment of a permanent justice minister prior to the formation of a new government.

Speaking to Kan Reshet Bet, Prof. Ash said: "The vaccine market is very complex. The entire world is going after the vaccines, which are in short supply, so it is important to grab them up as soon as possible."

He added that the budget will include funds for purchasing materials to conduct coronavirus tests and other issues related to the pandemic.

"It is therefore important to approve the budget as quickly as possible," he stressed.

On the issue of masks, Prof. Ash said that after the holidays, there will be a meeting to decide whether to cancel the requirement to wear masks in open areas.

"It's true that from a professional perspective, masks are a lot less significant in open air. We still want people in groups and in enclosed areas to wear masks," he explained.

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