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A student’s Instagram post last week alleged that members of a University of Kentucky fraternity performed Nazi salutes in front of a Jewish pledge.

The anonymous statement was posted by Instagram account, @jewishoncampus, which tracks and posts testimony from across the U.S. about campus anti-Semitism.

It stated that members of a campus fraternity saluted a Jewish pledge brother with Nazi salutes on multiple occasions.

"After telling them I was actually Jewish, they continued to do it even more, laughing about it," the student’s testimony reads.

The student, who always wears a visible Star of David necklace and has a Hebrew tattoo, said that he joined the fraternity to make new friends.

Kentucky Hillel submitted a letter to the university to initiate an investigation, reported the Kentucky Kernel student newspaper.

Hillel president Melanie Gelernter told the newspaper in an interview that the campus Jewish community is not satisfied with the response from the university.

"The feeling that Jewish students are having from [Fraternity and Sorority Life] communication and from the IFC statement is that it's not enough," Gelernter said. "It seemed very generic and vague and non-descriptive of the situation, which if we're going to call out anti-Semitism, we have to be very concrete and direct about it because it is so normalized and so often hard to pinpoint, although this one feels pretty easy to pinpoint."

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