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Last Wednesday, emergency crews were called to the Chabad Glen Eira daycare center in Victoria, Australia after a mass allergic reaction took place in a room of toddlers, reported the Australian Jewish News.

According to reports, the children became ill after ingesting a smoothie during afternoon tea.

Symptoms included a rash and mild fever, according to a statement released by Chabad Glen Eira.

The children were examined by paramedics and then sent home with their parents.

The daycare was subsequently placed into lockdown and a notice sent out to parents.

In a video on Chabad Glen Eira’s Facebook page, one of the ambulance drivers confirmed that the symptoms were only experienced by children in one room after they had the smoothie.

“It didn’t seem like any children from any of the other rooms were getting any symptoms at all,” the driver said.

In an update on their Facebook page, Mendy and Esther Malka Groner of Chabad Glen Eira said that the children “were all assessed and monitored onsite. Symptoms subsided and all were sent home with their parents.”

“At this stage, the cause of the symptoms is unknown. The Center is working closely with the Public Health Department from Glen Eira City Council to determine the source,” they wrote.

After the incident, the Center was closed so that all potential sources of the illness could be removed from the building. A “deep clean” sanitation also took place, according to the Australian Jewish News.

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