i24NEWS CEO Frank Melloul
i24NEWS CEO Frank Melloul Gideon Markowicz

The international news channel i24NEWS has signed a series of agreements with leading companies and outlets in the United Arab Emirates, aimed at strengthening commercial activity, expanding the channel’s reach, and cooperating with companies in the UAE.

These agreements follow the one signed with Abu Dhabi Media Group in December, as well as this morning's announcement that i24NEWS is opening an office in Dubai and signed an agreement with Dubai Media Incorporated. Opening an office in Dubai Media City became possible after the channel received a broadcasting license from the Government of Dubai Media Office. It will allow the channel to place a live position for reports and interviews. In a joint international press release, i24NEWS and Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) announced this morning the signing of an MoU, to purse cooperation in content creation, media technology, generating media exposure for mega events and skill development. DMI and i24NEWS will also share experience and ideas on content creation and promote technical cooperation in the field of news production and television broadcasting. The two organizations will jointly undertake initiatives to generate impactful international media exposure for major events such as the Dubai EXPO. The development of human resources and the sharing of administrative and technical expertise through employee exchange programs and joint training projects are among the other areas of cooperation.

It was also revealed that DMI and i24NEWS will work to connect their media with a “Fiber of Peace” to allow easier transmission of interviews, reports and materials.

The channel also recently signed agreements with two major TV operators: Etisalat and DU, making i24NEWS the first channel broadcasting from Israel to become available in the UAE.

i24NEWS CEO, Frank Melloul has just signed a host of other cooperation and partnership agreements, including with Motivate Media Group, a leading publisher of magazines and digital content in the UAE, which also organizes top conferences and huge business events. Under the agreement, the two will create, produce, and exchange content on a variety of topics. Another memorandum of understanding was signed with the Gulf News Group, which publishes an English-language daily as well as a news and content website. Under this agreement, the two media outlets will operate together on a number of levels, including content and production sharing. A campaign by the Dubai Ministry of Tourism has just begun airing on i24NEWS channels and digital platforms. This is the Dubai's Ministry of Tourism's first campaign in Israeli-based media. I24NEWS has hired Intermedia, a UAE representation agency to maximize commercial activity and advertising on the channel.

Frank Melloul, CEO of i24NEWS: "In the last year, we have witnessed regional diplomatic changes that enable business ties and opportunities for partnerships. Just as we are committed to providing our viewers the full picture of those changes, it is only natural that we also act behind the scenes to promote cooperation and expand joint activities. As an international news channel, we strive to continue to enhance the content we offer, especially in the areas of the new Middle East that we cover extensively. I congratulate my new partners who have chosen to join hands and walk together on along a path of cooperation.'

The partnership agreements with leading media groups in the UAE will allow i24NEWS to expand the content it offers and to cover news events on the ground in the Gulf. The license granted to i24NEWS to run offices and operate a live position will enable the channel to report and conduct live interviews. i24NEWS is owned by businessman Patrick Drahi and since its inception has been led by CEO Frank Melloul.

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