Liberman Hezki Baruch

Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman addressed the expected discussion of the Draft Law at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting today.

"Today we are closing the circle," Liberman said. "This is historic justice, today the law recruiting yeshiva students came to a cabinet meeting, the same law formulated by the Ministry of Defense and the IDF during my time as defense minister, the same law that came in July 2018 for Knesset approval and was then torpedoed. Today it comes for government approval after it was discussed in the Supreme Court countless times and there were about eight rejections."

The minister referred to the only change introduced in the law, "I am glad that the same law will be approved today with one change, the age of exemption is reduced to 21, meaning that those young people will be able to join the labor force from the age of 21 and not wait until the age of 24."

Liberman praised Defense Minister Benny Gantz and spoke about the cooperation between Blue and White and Yisrael Beyteinu and concluded: "Hopefully we will reach the approval of this law in the third reading in the Knesset as well."

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