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A fake travel agency advertisement stating “Come visit Jerusalem Palestine” that was sent to suburban Cleveland, Ohio residents has caused distress among the city’s Jewish community.

The ad purported to be from “Acherman Tourism, LLC.” and included a fake phone number with a 213 Los Angeles area code. It featured a map of Israel labelled “Palestine” alongside a photo of the Al Aqsa Mosque.

At the bottom is a man’s face captioned “Contact Mo Dayem for more information.”

The ad was included with grocery store mailers that were sent to Cleveland’s eastern suburbs, reported the Cleveland Jewish News.

“It was sent purposefully to inflame passions and bait Jews at a time when passions are already inflamed,” James Pasch, the ADL regional director for Ohio, told the Jewish News.

“The making and sending of this ad is reprehensible and whoever put the ad together would be better served by spending their time on advocacy and bringing Palestinians and Israelis together and not creating further division.”

The producer of the ad, Vericast, said the ad will not run again.

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