Kabul Mayor Daoud Sultanzoy strongly criticized the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in an interview with i24NEWS on Monday, one day after the Taliban seized control of Kabul.

"This was a very disappointing surprise and everybody was let down. It was not a brave thing to do," Sultanzoy said of the American decision to unilaterally withdraw all of its military forces from Afghanistan.

"History's judgement is very cruel and history will judge all of us," he warned.

The mayor of Afghanistan's capital said that the city's new rulers had asked him to remain in his position and he would continue to serve his city's citizens.

He further stated that it is "too early" to determine what the Taliban's policies would be or what the effect on human rights in Afghanistan would be.

On Sunday, the Taliban insurgents entered Kabul and President Ashraf Ghani left the country, saying he wanted to avoid bloodshed.

The United States has sent 6,000 troops to the airport to fly out embassy personnel as well as Afghans who assisted the United States as interpreters or in other support roles and now fear retribution.

Their mission will be "focused solely on facilitating these efforts and will be taking over air traffic control," Sunday’s joint statement said.

The spokesman for the Taliban's political office on Sunday declared the war in Afghanistan as over and added that the type of rule and the form of regime in Afghanistan will be clear soon.

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