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A British town has been hit with a barrage of anti-Semitic and lewd graffiti, with statues and a historic castle defaced with Nazi symbols and offensive images.

Residents of Knaresborough, a resort town located in North Yorkshire, were aghast when it was discovered that over the weekend statues of former town residents Mother Shipton and Blind Jack were covered with graffiti and the town’s historic castle was similarly vandalized, Yorkshire Live reported.

The castle dates back to 1100 and was in use until 1648. Reportedly, the vandal climbed into the castle’s King Chambers, which are right next to the police station, in order to spray paint Nazi symbols and lewd images onto the castle walls.

The two statues were defaced with red and white graffiti from top to bottom, completely covering the faces.

"I tried using hot soapy water to take the paint off, which was on the legs and the faces of the statues. But I didn't want to wreck it,” local restaurant manager Loz Worrall told the Examiner.

He added: "The castle has sadistic symbols on it, there's no need for it.”

Worrall also wondered why CCTV footage didn’t pick up the vandals and questioned why he never saw police walking past the castle, with the police station nearby.

The UK has seen a worrying increase in anti-Semitic and Nazi vandalism in the last year.

Earlier in the month, a man stood trial for vandalizing 17 bus stops in Jewish areas of North West London with anti-Semitic graffiti that claimed Jewish people were “grey aliens,” reported the Mirror.

In August, a Brentwood salon was covered with dozens of swastikas and other racist and vulgar graffiti.

Also in August, a vandal was caught on on surveillance video drawing Nazi symbols on a Manchester road, reported the Manchester Evening News.

A few days earlier, a large swastika and racist graffiti were discovered on a bridge in northern England.

In July, a man with a record of previous anti-Semitic discrimination pleaded guilty in court to defacing a war memorial in a coastal town in North Wales with Nazi and anti-Semitic messages.

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