An online video shows fans of the English soccer team West Ham United singing deliberately provocative songs at a haredi man.

The incident happened on a flight from London to Belgium, shortly before a West Ham United game.

West Ham United's management responded by saying that it was shocked by the incident and that it was working to identify those involved and keep them from attending team games.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews has called for a police investigation of the incident and praised the team's promise to ban the culprits from team games for life.

"This is a particularly horrible example of a Jewish man being subjected to abuse and humiliation," Wrote Board president Marie van der Zyl. "Thankfully, the culprits have been captured on social media. West Ham have set exactly the right example - hate will only be tackled in our society when we all take responsibility, as West Ham have done in promising to impose lifetime bans. We also call on the police to investigate this clear instance of inciting racial hatred."

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